Influences:  San Francisco has long been known as a Mecca of sorts in the music community. As far back as the 60s, the music of the Bay Area has not only defined a generation, but changed the musical landscape worldwide. Since those days, some say commercialism has ruined the modern music business overall, and brought an end to originality, but a three-piece band from the East Bay area is hoping to put those rumors to rest. The Bacchus Brothers are a unique trio of converging influences that come from the soul. Influenced by many styles, the Bacchus Brothers have a style of their own. It is the congruence of rock, jazz, blues, funk, and country that makes this trio sound fresh.

The band formed in 1998 while feeding off the energy brought on by the fusing of three great musicians in a rhythmic resonance of collision and converging musical ideas. These guys are professionals – all singers and players alike.


Mark Clarin, The Country Bumpkin, first experienced music during his Hootenanny-filled childhood in Huntsville, Alabama. Growing up, he played guitar in a musical family of accordions, banjos and a slew of off-the-wall genre and instrumentation. He soon found his greatest talent in song writing. In 2003 Mark competed in the West Coast Songwriters association and won best song for the East Bay at the Freight and Salvage for his rendition of “Too Many Choices.”










Ray Merrill, The Professor, is a percussionist-extraordinaire with a groove that wont quit. Originating from the Oakland zone via the Pacific Northwest, his ears were full of the sounds of Tower of Power and the like. Ray was the sessions drummer representing the United States for the Music Bridges Projects in Cuba, 1999. His collaborations with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Mick Fleetwood, Peter Frampton, Gladys Night and Burt Bacharach are just a hint at Rays expertise. His tasteful and masterful fills and punchy rhythms add much to this brilliant trio.






Don Veca, The VIking, plays bass and sings and brings a wickedly tight sound from the roots of his own personal mentors and his rich childhood in Livermore, California. From a very musical family, Don has an extensive musical background, having received his BA in music  and computer science. This led him to a work at EA (Electronic Arts) where you can hear much of his compositional works on many of todays main-stream video games.









Following the 2004 release of their debut CD, Funky Alien Booty, The Bacchus Brothers are currently spanning the North West Coast, most prominently the East Bay via their favorite vehicle, festivals and winery functions. Living in the wine country they are very popular with the folks in Livermore and Pleasanton flowing down into San Jose and Santa Cruz and they have lately introduced their grooves to the San Francisco Bay Area crowd.